Monday, 5 September 2011

I "heart" Kirsty!!

Yesterday I spent a lovely day in Manchester with the rather lovely and very talented Kirsty Wiseman to learn how to use my DSLR properly and leave the automatic button behind me!

There were five of us on the course all together - you can see us all on Kirsty's blog here and here are some of the shots I took throughout the day...

The Manchester Eye

This fabulous wall was full of post-it notes which covered a whole wall in the Arndale Centre. It was started off by one man who decided to show the looters and rioters that he loved this city and hundreds have joined him :)

Practicing focusing and recomposing the shot...

Continuity...with the musical railings around Cheethams School of Music

Slowing down the water...

And finally a very flattering shot of me taken by Kirsty...

I am so glad I took this course - it's all fallen into place and there will be no more green button for me!

Thanks Kirsty for a lovely day :)


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