Saturday, 22 September 2012

2012 Scavenger hunt - final three!

I have completed it!  Here are my final three photos for the hunt...

Someone dancing - I didn't think I had this one then I realised I had taken photos in July of Josh and his mates doing a Zumba class at the school fair.  Here are a couple of shots...

And for the full effect - here is the video!!! (I know this hunt is all about photography but this makes me smile every time I watch it!!)

I have not come across a bride all summer but the kids picked up this stone on a beach in Portugal earlier in the year so am substituting this...

And finally me with something that symbolises my nation.  I think the Olympic rings and the Paralympic agitos adorning Tower Bridge have been seen pretty much everywhere around the world this summer and to me symbolise the UK this year...

Rinda has asked us to pick a favourite...Hmmmm... not all my photos were my best work.  Some (like above) were shot by my 10 year old, others were quick snaps on my iPhone.  I have enjoyed though, the process of taking pictures of everyday things and blogging more because of it.  I guess overall this is the one I love...

Huge thanks to Rinda for coming up with the list for the hunt and keeping us all going :)  Looking forward to next year's all ready!

Friday, 21 September 2012

2012 scavenger hunt - scrapping the barrel with a horse!

I still haven't spotted a real horse when I have had my camera or phone to hand so here are some horses spotted on a building in London...

Back later with the remainder of my photos!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

2012 Scavenger hunt - found another one!

Spotted this driving around today so did a slightly illegal manoeuvre to pull up and take a photo as it was on a bus stop!

I had hopes to delight you all with pictures of Daniel Craig with the upcoming Bond movie but no luck! However this film I would love to see as I love both the actors. Sadly as its a "chick flick" I don't think I can persuade Tony so will have to wait for the DVD!

Back late with some more pics!

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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

2012 Scavenger hunt - a few more finds

I didn't think I was going to get a photo of a shadow as we have lost the sun here and my holiday pics with a shadow on have gone along with the hard drive before I could back them up :( however looking through my London photos today I found these two.  If you look closely you can see Alex and Josh's shadows in the first pic on the ball and in the second the shadow of the furthest ball on the ground.  Love the reflections in these shots too.

We also spotted some roadside stands in London - firstly selling all things British!

And this one we couldn't resist not only photographing but eating!  All that lovely fruit... and chocolate sauce?  Yes please!!

Mmmm! Strawberries and chocolate...

Next is my national monument aptly called The Monument.  Built to commemorate the Great Fire of London in 1866 which devastated so much of the surrounding area.  Sadly we didn't have the time (or the energy at this point!) to walk to the top but I plan to go back and do that soon!

This is  Bankside pier from the Millenium Bridge.  Not quite the seaside pier I had envisaged but the only one I have seen!  It is part of the London transport system with ferries going regularly  from it to various points up and down the Thames.

I knew I wanted this as my border when I planned my trip South.  I had thought it would be with blue skies and fields of waving corn but the weather and farmers had other ideas!  Having been born in this county whenever I reach this point on a journey to my parents' house I always feel like I am nearly home.

So this is where I am up to so far...Can I get all 21? The pressure is on now!!

1. A pier
2. A clothesline
3. A border
4. A roadside stand selling something
5. A train
6. A historical landmark
7. A person playing a musical instrument
8. A person dressed as an angel or a statue of an angel
9. A fountain
10. A horse
11. A shadow
12. A maze, labyrinth, or trail.
13. A library
14. A person playing with a ball.
15. Someone dancing.
16. A bride.
17. A church, chapel, cathedral, mosque or temple.
18. A movie poster
19. An outdoor stairway
20. A swing hanging from a tree (or a hammock)
21.  A picture of you standing with something that symbolizes your nation.

2012 Scavenger hunt - fountains, trails and angels

I spent a lovely long weekend with my parents in Berkshire at the end of August and ticked off quite a few things on the list of photos for the scavenger hunt. However this post is dedicated to the three things above as I have many photos of each!

A walk round London produced many opportunities for fountains.

We were there to follow one of "the strolls". A trail to find Wenlock and Mandevilles (the mascots of the Olympic & Paralympic games). Whilst walking we followed the Jubilee Walkway and the Thames Path National Trail

And the stroll?  Well, we found all 16 mascots which are all here...Please click on the photo below for the full effect!

As you can see above Josh decided to copy the pose of most of the mascots!  Some had nobody near them,  whilst others like the one below were swamped with people fighting for a photo.  Every one was outside a tourist attraction or historic landmark which made the trail all the more interesting and we got talking to lots of other people who were doing the trail too!

The angel was prooving elusive but any more!

I found this one on the gates outside Guys hospital...

This one on St Paul's cathedral...

These were on the tower of the church housing the famous bow bells...

And this one in the churchyard my grandparents are buried in...

Back soon to load some more pics - well very soon as we only have until Friday to finish the hunt which Rinda has been hosting!

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Sunday, 16 September 2012

2012 Photo Scavenger Hunt #20

Just a quick post today as I have lots of photos from the hunt to upload this week.

I knew when someone suggested a day out at Manley Mere that I would find something to swing on from a tree. It's not your traditional swing but then Manley is not your traditional adventure trail.

Not when your boys come out looking like this...

And this...!!!

So this is the first, quite tame, rope swing demonstrated by Alex who came back far cleaner than the boys!

And this was the second one over a huge muddy stream. Not for the faint hearted!

Back tomorrow with more pics. In the meantime I'm off to find a horse, a shadow and someone dancing!!

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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Still working through the kit!

I had a great time playing with my Gossamer Blue kit at my parents - there was nothing to distract me like housework and ironing - so once the kids were occupied I sneaked into the dining room to make more pages! 

I only grabbed a few extra embellishments to take with me and found it quite liberating to put together a page from what I had when sometimes I will spend ages sorting through stash and faffing (is that a real word?) to find the perfect embellishment to match.  Consequently these two pages came together very quickly...

This one I did add some clear flowers too when I got home but I knew that was what I wanted and didn't digress from it!  I also still need to add journalling to this one when I have worked out the date of our "photo shoot".

I've still got enough paper for at least 2 more pages if not 3.  Just need some spare time  now!

Thursday, 6 September 2012

My month in numbers - August

It's been a fun month - a bit of work and a lot of holiday!!!  So without further ado here are my numbers for August...

14 sun filled, heavenly days in Greece doing not a lot!

1 - the number of Gold post boxes we found in Manchester.  This one is dedicated to the Philip Hindes and Jason Kenny from Team GB cycling team.

16 - The number of Wenlocks and Mandevilles we found on our "stroll" round London last Friday.  We did the Blue trail which is 4.4km long.

325 metres - the distance we walked across the Millenium Bridge

6 - the number of books I read on my two week holiday.  A first for me to read so many which just shows how independent the kids have become as they don't interrupt my reading any more!  I found a new author too - Catherine Alliott - light hearted reading but it made me laugh out loud!

2 - the number of lilos we purchased on holiday after the first one burst.  It did see some heavy action though with lilo races in the pool and some "Total Wipeout" style games with all the other kids!!

36 - the number of new colouring pencils purchased for Alex and Josh (amongst other things including 2 new pencil cases, 2 skirts, 10 pairs of socks, 1 coat, 1 maths set and 3 bags.) to go back to school.  

5 - the number of days we spent at my parents last week.  The kids love spending time with their grandparents and I loved my mums home cooking!

If you want to play along with Month in Numbers then head on over to Julie's blog where people share their own  months in various forms :)

Saturday, 1 September 2012

August week 4 weekly challenge

I'm away visiting my parents for a long weekend before the kids go back to school. Thursday afternoon I managed to get the weekly challenge done on UKS while Alex and Josh caught up with Grandma and Grandad.

The challenge was Olympic themed...
To use gold, silver or bronze - I have used a gold frame, gold lettering in the title and some white and golden yellow bakers' twine
Use circles - yep, plenty of those!
Scrap a place - photos are of Parga Town from our holidays last month

Sorry for the poor photo.  Only have my iPhone avail to upload before the deadline.  I have used my new Gossamer Blue kit again as this is all I have with me but it went beautifully.  Off to create some more this morning :)

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