Saturday, 21 September 2013

Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt - Barcelona take 2

Well today was a very successful day!

First I found this...

Which is the local parliament building for Barcelona.

Then we went to the food market off La Ramblas. I could have moved in here. It was amazing! Beats my local Sainsburys hands down!!

At the last stall pictured I picked out a tasty Chorizo sausage for Tony :)

Again I found more things that I have already posted but had to post this sign which had us giggling. Who would have thought it would have it's own museum!

So thats me all done except the picture of me with a craft item which I will have to do when i get home.

I've had a fantastic time playing along and would like to thank Rinda for putting together another eclectic but fun list. Thanks Rinda

See you all next Summer xx

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Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt - final attempt to finish!

Just a quick mad dash of a post as I am away in Barcelona with my girlfriends. I may have to squeeze another post in tomorrow as my final find might be in the morning. (Hope that's OK Rinda!!)

So towers...

This was near some fountains we went to watch lit up at night

This one is one of the towers on the Sagrada Familia which we climbed for a fabulous view...

And this one was at the entrance to Paek Guell - an amazing place to visit if you love Gaudi!

Ive already posted stained glass and mosqic options but I loved these two yesterday...

So this afternoon I'm on the hunt for an outdoor market!

Wish me luck!!

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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Double dipping with the Sketch Scrappers and UKS

I caught up on the challenge from the Sketchy Scrappers last weekend.  It was a lovely sketch, full of layering opportunities and a chance to use up yet another kit! (Yes, I know this is getting repetitive but bear with me!)

I sprayed the mask background ages ago as an experiment and found it in my card stock pile.  I thought it gave a nice dark background to the lighter papers to balance the photo.

The photo captures the fun the kids have every year when Spring comes around and we uncover the trampoline again!  I have used up the Fancy Pants - Happy Together papers on this page and added some alphas, some wood veneer bits and some stickers.  The UKS challenge was to scrap an everyday moment and use stars.  (I missed the bit about 4x6 size paper but would have struggled with the scraps I had left).

I have 7 kits left to go, some with only one page left in them really, and then I can dive into the rest of my Gossamer Blue new ones!

Start the countdown lol!

Monday, 9 September 2013

Summertime photography scavenger hunt - more finds...

I'm down to the last handful on the hunt so here are my latest finds...

Something or someone asleep...

This is Hobbes our family cat, who is an old lady of 16. She has half her teeth missing, a sticky eye, failing kidneys and is a little incontinent but we love her! Sadly we lost her sister about 5 years ago but since then Hobbes has turned from a cat that wouldn't give you the time of day to one who miaows for attention as soon as you walk in the door and jumps on your lap as soon as you sit down :)

A fire truck...

Bit of a cheat this one but try as I might I've not seen a real one! We went to a garden centre for lunch yesterday and this was in the corner behind our table. It wasn't until Josh jumped in it (although he's far too old!) that I realised I could use it. For overseas visitors it is actually Fireman Sam's fire engine. A lovable children's TV character from Wales.

Someone sporting some clothing from your country...

I am substituting this for the elusive cloud (unless I can spot that before the 21st!). Alex is at the water park we went to on holiday. She went on the lazy river with her t shirt on and it came out a mucky brown colour. Goodness knows what was in the water!! Anyway it was old and getting too small but it has the Union Jack on so it counts!!

Hopefully I can get the last few this weekend and next :)

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