Wednesday, 31 October 2012

My month in numbers - October

Is that October gone already?  I swear the days and weeks are flying quicker these days.  October was a great month - lots of sunny days to get out and lots of rainy ones to hide indoors and snuggle up in front of the fire with a glass of rouge.

So my numbers this month included the vast amount of 14 adults, 14 children and 4 dogs in 2 barns for a weekend in Wales.  Below are the 7 "matriachs" of the 7 families that went, along with 3 of the dogs and 1 random child. It was a blissful weekend full of wine, women and song....literally! a few men, a bunch of noisy kids and some long walks.

Barn 1:

Barn 2:

We took the Kids to see their 1st Bond film at the cinema. We saw the 10.30 showing and enjoyed all 143 minutes of it!  I have now put Daniel Craig on my Christmas list :)

We all went to see Newton Faulkner and sat in Row EE 4-6. The seats were perfect with a clear view of the stage.  It was Josh's first indoor gig and Newton did not disappoint!

Josh grew 2cm in about a week. This is a momentous achievement and I have blogged before about his height challenges! So at the weekend we bought him new jeans that don't argue with the top of his shoes.

My lovely in-laws celebrated 50 years of wedded bliss and we went out for a lovely pub meal to celebrate as they didn't want a huge fuss.

 Alex cleared out her Build A Bear items ready to make room for a desk in her bedroom and so far has made £68 on eBay!!  I am now searching the house for things I can sell too.  Josh has also listed his BAB items and we look forward to his total this weekend when his listings end...

Finally we carved 3 pumpkins to decorate the front of the house tonight.  My attempt is below.  I think the last of the "trick or treaters" have been and I have a Scream like ghost and a strange black hooded figure currently drinking hot chocolate in my conservatory whilst Alex has decided to do the sensible thing and just go to Guides!

Hope October was good for you too.  You can see lots of other Months in Numbers and find out how to join in over at Julie's blog

And I am closing this post whilst chuckling to myself as I've just realised I've been eating a packet of Galaxy counters whilst typing this post.... counters...Month in Numbers... Get it?  Oh well, it made me smile!

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Helen said...

sounds like a lovely month! x

Julie Kirk said...

Ha! What a good day for a spooky coincidence and for our scarily bad puns too!

Your break away looks amazing I bet it blew away some cobwebs.

Your Christmas list made me laugh + has inspired me ... *scurries off to add 'Johnny Lee Miller' to mine*

Thanks for keeping me company with your counting:

Happy November to you + yours.

Julie :-)

Tamara said...

Ha ha I love your numbers. I am glad the vertically challenged are growing. I hope he achieves many more cm this year.

Louise said...

oooh Daniel Craig *swoon*. great numbers and looks like a nice time away! x

Rachel said...

ah looks like you have had a lovely month x

humel said...

I smiled at the counters, too :) I'm afraid I've already asked Santa for Daniel Craig, though....

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