Monday, 11 April 2016

Memorandum Monday

A Good morning all you Memorandum Mondayers... how was your weekend?

It's been a busy and a quiet week all at the same time here as I was off on holiday.  Some days we packed lots in and I ticked loads of jobs off my list.  Other days were spent in the slow lane, chilling out and catching my breath.  So what about the weekend?

On Sunday Alex and I made an apricot tart for the first time.  It was a combined effort with me on pastry and Alex on frangipan...

And yes, it tasted delicious!

I also learnt that we can fit a skip and my car on the drive! (It's only a small one mind)  We have a mini-project to keep Tony occupied this week to clear away the bark from the area where we used to have the kids trampoline along with a couple of feet of clay too!  Then we can decide what to do with it.  Any garden designers out there with some ideas?

I'm linking up with Sian today along with lots of other Memorandum Monday people so head on over and take a look.

I'm also featured on the Like For Ever blog this Monday with a little insight into what makes me tick and why I love scrapbooking so if you'd like to read about that then click here.

Have a good week all!


Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

That tart looks delicious. Good luck with the garden landscaping.

Susanne said...

The tart looks tasty. These memo Mondays always have sweet temptations it seems to me. Sorry, I'm absolutely no help in the garden.

Sian said...

We are having the same discussion here! The trampoline wore out last summer and now we have a space distinguished by its brown mud and yellow grass.

The tart looks delicious :)

And well done on having a feature on the LIke Forever blog. I only discovered them recently and I'm definitely keeping an eye on their lovely kits

alexa said...

If your gardening skills are anything like your bakery ones, you will be just fine :). Off to follow your link ...

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