Sunday, 31 October 2010

Autumn colours

We took off to find the Quinta Arboretum yesterday and get some fresh air and enjoy the Autumn colours. There were some gorgeous trees like this one...

and this one...

a beatiful avenue of poplars...

and we had some fun throwing leaves at the kids. Josh enjoyed it to the full

Alex was not so sure! Then we went to the pub next door for refreshment and Alex made a new friend! There were loads of ghosts and goulies all over the place ready for a ghost walk on the Sunday.

And Tony took this fab photo which Josh managed to mess up!

I managed to finish this off this week which was a class by the lovely and talented Cathy which I did at the Pink Booby crop the other weekend. The photos I've used aren't fantastic but they suit the feel of the page and remind me of a lovely Summers' afternoon spent watching Alex, Josh, Immy and Max running, doing roly polys and leap frogging on the grass at Speke Hall. Happy memories.

Oh and I also managed to get tickets to see these fine musicians next June. It only took 9 hours to get through and there were three of us trying! I think it will be worth all the effort and every penny though!


Helen said...

lovely colours on the trees and well done on the take that tickets

KraftyKaren said...

Fab photos and a gorgeous page - I am sure you will enjoy TT very much

Karen x

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