Tuesday, 16 August 2011


Today I went to the library and got 3 new books to read
Today I hoped the sun will shine this week
Today I dreamed of scrap booking on my days off
Today I forgot to buy the leeks for tea
Today I heard that a friend is feeling better
Today I read Facebook and blogs
Today I watched the cat drinking out of the bird bath AGAIN!
Today I said "let's write a list of things to do in the holidays" And we did :)
Today I believed I was a zombie after very little sleep last night!
Today I felt relieved that I have finished work for nearly three weeks
Today I wondered why my kids always win the premium bonds and never me!
Today I bought some flowers for my wonderful Mother In Law for her child minding
Today I cleaned up the peas I spilled on the floor
Today I was me.

This was a great idea that I saw on Rachel's blog and it came from this blog here.

I need to blog more things like this :)


Sophia said...

Loved reading yours, thanks for stopping by my blog...

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