Tuesday, 5 June 2012

My month in numbers - May

May was an important month for Josh having to take not only SATS level 5 but also level 6! He took it all in his stride though.  On the Thursday at the end of the first lot we took 8 boys off to a skate park nearby to let off some steam.  We followed this with some well deserved sausage and chips served with curry sauce and gravy!

Later on in May Tony and I went off to see Newton Faulkner perform at the Academy 2.  It was the second time we had seen him perform and he didn't disappoint!  The venue holds a maximum 1,000 people so was fairly intimate.

The following day Tony and I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary. We headed off to Alma de Cuba in Manchester which is a bar/restaurant in an old church conversion...The church was opened in 1788 and served as a Catholic building for 188 years until 1976, after which it served the Polish community for a short time until closing in 1978.

At the end of the month I headed off with KS2 on a day out to see the Olympic Torch on Day 13 of it's journey around the UK.  The torch was brought into a big park by Emily, a 12 year old student.  It was a special moment for sure, especially having spent over 4 hours in constant drizzle waiting for it!

Josh passed his grading in ju jitsu, gaining a blue belt, his 4th belt since he started.  He also achieved his highest scores in a grading so far with 76 points.

Alex spent the night at the Victoria Baths in Manchester with hundreds of other Guides.  The baths opened in 1903 and were closed in 1993.  The building then won the BBC Resoration programme in  2003 and £3.8m has been spent on extensive repairs.  The eventual aim is to get at least one pool re-opened for use.  She had a great time making things and watching a movie before settling down to sleep at the bottom of the pool!

This month I also signed up to do a 250 metre zip wire for charity.  Not just any old zip wire though, this one runs across the ship canal in Manchester!  So far I have raised just over £375 for the British Sjogrens Syndrome Association and it's still rising!  If anyone wants to donate the link is here....
Updates to follow on how I get on next month!!

If you want to see some more "Month in numbers" then head on over to Julie's blog for some interesting, numerical style reading :)


Jo.C said...

Wow - what a fantastic set of numbers. You and I have such similar taste in music too :0)
Good luck with your zip wire - OH did it a couple of years ago and loved it.

KraftyKaren said...

Looks like you have had another good number month x

Julie Kirk said...

There's definitely an anniversary theme going on acroos M in N bloggers! And lots of exam talk too.

I really admire your fundraising activities - can't wait to read how it all goes. Best of luck.

Thanks for joining me - I've added your post to the board with the others now: http://pinterest.com/notesonpaper/my-month-in-numbers/

Julie :-)

Sheena said...

great Month in Numbers Julia x
Congratulations x we celebrated 19 years on the 8th :)

Louise said...

great detailed numbers Julie and good photos too. Good luck with your fund raiser x

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