Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Title help needed!

All this sorting out of pages has meant I've come across a couple of things that needed mending and fixing. I'd forgotten that I'd done this page at Sarah's Cards' retreat last year and put it away without adding a title. Can anyone suggest anything?

The couple in the photo are my great grandparents. I've already scrapped a younger photo of them and called it Samel and Kate, so need something else. The are dressed up ready to attend a wedding (possibly my parents - I need to check that fact with my Mum!)

The layout was a class by the lovely Rachael Elliott that some of you may recognise.

Grateful for any suggestions ladies :)


Helen said...

depending on if they are going to the wedding of your parents, 'proud parents' 'ready for the big day' 'all dressed up'...sorry thats all i have for the moment, i am sure someone else will come along with a lovely suggestion. Its a gorgeous layout btw.

Lynne said...

I agree with Helen, so Proud? A Day to Remember?
lovely LO, love the papers and pic is just right for it xx

KraftyKaren said...

I was going to say All Dressed Up or Done up to the Nines

That was a fab class wasn't it - still one of my all time favourites from the three that I have been to.

Sandra said...

How about glad rags :) although I like Karens all dressed up. What an amazing layout, goodness that should go on the wall :)

Louise said...

i'm terribly with titles...some good suggestions above. A beautiful layout Julia, i do love Rachael's style x

soapHOUSEmama said...

those are some great title suggestions! If you aren't going to record too many details of the day, you could title it "life loves" or something? :)

Lisa said...

Great pics and a gorgeous lo too:D

L xx

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