Wednesday, 22 August 2012

How high?

Julie is running a great little series all about height this month and there's still time to join in - just pop over here to find out  more.

A few weeks ago we were talking about how high Alex had become and that she had nearly caught me up (only nearly, there is still a little way to go!).  So this started Josh's interest as to how close he was getting to the dizzy heights of 5' 4" (readers of Julie's blog will know that this means I am perfectly in the middle lol!)

Now let me explain something here for those readers who have not met my children.  Alex is tall, willowy and holds her own against the other 13 year olds she is friends with but at birth we feared she would not be so.  She was born nearly 5 weeks early at a mini size of 4lb 2oz and her percentile chart did not suggest anything other than below average height.  Josh, on the other hand, was a bouncing baby boy who went full term (and beyond) and was fine until he started school where he seemed to shrink while his friends kept on growing.  Two weeks today he starts high school and I know he will be one of the shortest in his year.

Anyway, back to the height measuring.  So Alex stood next to me and decided she was half way up my head (a little scary to think my first born is nearly my height but she was correct) and Josh?  Well, he stood in front of me, place his hand flat on his head and placed it on my body sideways (as you do when you're measuring your height), stepped back and duly declared he was... "booby height".

Priceless.  And a moment worth documenting.  We measured him the other day whilst away and, yes, he was still "booby height".  In some ways I don't want him to not be as every time he says it I fall about laughing but in others I so want him to grow and have a "spurt" so he can hold his own with the big boys.  Luckily he has a personality that more than makes up for his height.

I hope you enjoyed my little height story.  Don't forget to pop on over to Julie's blog to join in with "The Height of Summer"


Maria Ontiveros said...

LOL!!! I just posted my height post today.

Julie Kirk said...

Clearly your children have been creatures of mystery and just like to keep you guessing about how they'll turn out! [And at least he didn't draw a line on you like people do on doorways!]

Thanks for finding time to join in - you're on the board now with the others:

Julie :-)

Angelfish said...

Great little story! My daughter was a prem baby too, but she has stayed tiny and my son is also one of the smallest in his year. Like your son, he's hoping for that growth spurt. I am, like you, perfectly in the middle :o)
Fi xx

Louise said...

Brilliant lol!!

Jennifer Grace said...

Hee hee, great way to measure it! x

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