Sunday, 5 August 2012

The height of summer!

I read with interest on Julie's blog about an off the wall idea that she had had for blog posts in August all about height!  How this came about I'll leave for you to read over at Julie's but as I was reading I realised I had several ideas and photo opportunities forming in my head already!  It would be a great way to document where the kids are now height wise but also in relation to how it affects them day to day as well as a funny story that came to mind and documenting the "giraffe" that we have measured height on for the past 11 years.

Julie is going to share a photo of herself with the massive structure that is the Angel of the North whilst I will leave you with a photo of Alex and Josh three years ago with a mini Angel...

Go over and read Julie's post and get inspired to play along too!


Julie Kirk said...

It's good to hear someone else interested in joining in! I always like to think that when an idea just comes to me, and makes me smile, then it'll do the same for someone else too.

I'll look forward to hearing about the giraffe.

Julie :-)

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