Thursday, 21 March 2013

My month in numbers - February

Oops! I have not posted my February numbers yet, it seems! I had started a draft on my iPhone and never got to finishing it, probably due to an interruption by one of the kids, the phone or even the cat! Maybe I should log that number one month and see how many times I do get interrupted! Anyhow, here are my very belated numbers for last month...

3 wedding invitations all within 6 weeks if each other! One family affair we are all attending, one close friend's which means Tony gets to be best man (and I get to wear the same outfit twice as neither will have the same guests!) and one an ex-colleague's which will be a massive celebration as both parties suffer from life limiting conditions but you could not meet a more beautiful, happy, life-loving couple if you tried!

7 years working in my current job. As blogged before I have the 7 year itch so hoping I won't make it to my 8th anniversary!

1 pint of blood donated to the blood bank. This in modern terms is 459-500ml!!  Giving blood is so easy to do so if you've ever thought about it but never done it then visit the website here for more information.

A trip to Liverpool at half term with 2 other mum's and 7 kids. We went on the Wheel of Liverpool as it was such a beautiful day and enjoyed 4 rotations looking at the view.

Wheel number 2 I photographed that week was the London Eye on a second day trip down to London but with very different wintery weather - we even had snow!

5 was the number of days I had songs from the musical Les Miserables going round my head after we saw the schools live production at a local arts centre. My daughter's friend was in the cast and it was just as good as any professional show. Here they are doing a flash mob outside a local cinema the weekend the film was released to promote their show. Next years production is Footloose and we can't wait!

If you would like to share your month in numbers or read about others than skip on over to Julie Kirk's wonderful blog at Notes on Paper and take a peek.

Thanks for stopping by :)

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Louise said...

wow the wheel photos are fantastic- especially the b&w the feel this photo gives. Lovely numbers Julia x

KraftyKaren said...

LOL I am all out of synch with dates at the moment and for a minute thought I had missed doing my March numbers.

Great numbers for the month!!!

My simple life said...

beautiful photos and well done you giving blood! I want to but as I had a transfusion I'm not allowed anymore :(

Julie Kirk said...

Hi Julia

I've had a really hard time accessing your blog ever since you left me your link! It just hangs and hangs and then finally today I eventually got through. I don;t know if it's just me ...

Anyway - lovely numbers, quite the range of emotions there - especially those invitations.

I've never made it to any of those big wheel attractions yet - I think I ought to!

I've added you to the board finally:

Thanks so much for your donation to my charity taget - I was very touched.

Happy end of March + all of April!

Julie :-)

Sandra said...

I'm sad we don't have any weddings to go to this year ... Oh I love weddings :)

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

All teary eyed after watching the young singers. SO beautiful!
Lovely views and how lucky to be able to use the same outfit to different events.

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