Wednesday, 17 April 2013

More Meadow Barn pages

I was looking at the weekend at the pages I'd not uploaded onto my blog and realised I had a few from my weekend at Meadow Barn still to share.  So without further ado here they are!

Lion Tamers was made with the remainder of a Sarah's Cards kit with Jilly Bean Soup - Old World Cabbage papers.  I so loved this kit but had a good feeling that another one has been used up (yay!).  The photos are of Alex making a real effort of climbing on to the lions in Trafalgar Square for a photo op.  Thanks to Fiona for the great title suggestion!

Next up is "Joshisms" which was part of the Telling Tales class set by Miss Smith.  In this one she suggested a banner of items across the page and using some for journalling. I have used various cards and stickers to capture some of the funny things Josh has said over the years.  I have one blank one left (top right) but for the life if me I can't find my little book where I have them written down so will have to add this in later.  The rosette is made from an old pattern I had to make dolls clothes with and the papers were mostly Miss Caroline by My Minds Eye which I purchased on the way to the barn.  The "Joshisms" include;

Chicken Kiev and life is complete! - Pancake Day 2013

Tony: Josh there's a lot of cleaning to do...   Josh: That doesn't concern me! - March 2013

Sitting at Manchester Airport we were helping you with a crossword.  We read the clue "What's the opposite of bottom?" and you burst out "willy" & we all fell about laughing!

Heading off to Kefalonia for our Summer holidays Josh adapted the song California by Phantom Planet as our theme tune - August 08

You've heard of up the creek without a paddle well Josh's new one is "Over the fence, like a football"  Classic Josh - October 2011

Finally a layout capturing a mad moment on our girls' weekend in Edinburgh last year.  My friend and I had stayed out to take photos as we are both keen photographers and had an amusing moment on the way back to our apartment so we were already giggling.  We came in to find some of the others had bought tam o' shanters complete with red hair and were also falling about laughing.  Well, this seemed like a good time to crack open the moustaches I'd sneaked in my luggage and the rest, as they say, is history.  It would be fair to see we were literally crying with laughter and it as very good for the soul!  Another Sarah's Cards kit was used up in the making of this one too - a Scenic Route paper collection if I remember right.

Back soon with my Simply A Moment - if you've not joined in before and want to find out more then stop by Alexa's blog to read all about it.


kjjc said...

Fab layouts and how lovely isit that you are using up the kits. Loved the papers you have used in the moustache madness one. Great photos too.

Helen said...

great layouts love the subject- Joshisms, hehe

Louise said...

these are brilliant Julia. I have the exact same photos of the lion in london with my lot in it of course. Love the joshisms...i should do this with Stan. What a fun layout the last one is. Brilliant work julia x

Maria Ontiveros said...

Great photos for the lions and I love the Josh-isms layout.

Jess said...

I love the Joshisms, I can't stop giggling! Xx

Sandra said...

Wow you've been a busy girl, these are fabulous

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