Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Simply a moment - April

Tony calls me to the kitchen window.  "Look at all the birds eating.  What are those two on the new feeder".  I go and stand next to him looking out into the back garden at the trees at the bottom.  We had been to the garden centre a few weeks before and purchased a new feeder and tray to add to the existing ones we already had.   I stare out and think how lucky the birds are to have this local cafe in the neighbourhood.  We stand watching for a few minutes trying to identify the strange pair.  "Time for the binoculars" Tony says and he comes back with them.  Again we look.  "I think we need the book too!" I reply.  We both take a turn.  Each laughing at the other as we have to close one eye to use them due to failing eye sight. "I think they are greenfinches."  Back he comes with the book and we agree they are.  "Oh no, I'm turning into a twitcher" he cries!  "That's middle age for you" I joke.  But we both stand happily for a few moments more watching the blue tits fly in and out of the bird box, a pigeon scratching on the ground, soon followed by a pair of collared doves (daily visitors), a black bird and, of course, the greenfinches.

Photo courtesy of the internet - sadly we have not managed to capture the greenfinches on film yet!

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Louise said...

lol! i was standing there with you and i would have to have hooked out the book too. The boys are better than me at identifying birds. a lovely moment x

Maria Ontiveros said...

A very nice moment - one which will know doubt stay with you longer now that you've recorded it.

alexa said...

Beautifully captured! I've really enjoyed eavesdropping on your gently humourous conversation and sharing the delight at the new visitors. They are indeed lucky to have such caring café owners. Thank-you so much for sharing your moment and linking up - it is lovely to see you :). I hope you've enjoyed it too.

Sandra said...

I'm sure with the cafe open, they'll return for you to get a photograph

Lisa said...

Thank you for sharing your moment in time Jules... I twitch from time to time too as we live so high up and have a great view over the Bristol Channel... we've even had the odd daft bird fly straight at the glass... that was a shock that woke me out of my reverie lol
Bye for now

Cris AdF said...

lovely moment! it's nice to see birds coming to your place...

Missus Wookie said...

Nothing wrong with getting excited over seeing new birds visiting - I did it myself this week over goldfinches :)

I've also wondered about the birds and their various cafes!

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