Sunday, 10 August 2014

Summertime Scavenger Hunt round up - The Conwy edition

Rinda has asked us to link up and share our scavenger hunt photos so I thought I'd run through the few I got at Conwy recently where we went for a long weekend with 8 other families.

#4 A group of tourists. These were all sat along the quay wall either eating lunch (and trying to keep it from the seagulls) or ice creams. It looks very dark and cloudy (not helped by the filter I used) but boy was it warm!

#6 An urban street scene - the Main Street in Conwy

#5 a rack of postcards. Taken outside the smallest house in Britain. 

#9 a bakery - and it was just as pretty inside too

We had to delay arriving as I had my interview on the Friday so on the Thursday we headed off to Alderley Edge and enjoyed the sunshine where I got #7 A rural landscape

I need to check how many I have left but it feels like I'm half way there! Looking forward to two weeks off when I should be able to tick more off the list but first I have 5 days left to work in my current job - wish me luck!


KraftyKaren said...

Fab pics - I must share the ones I have got so far x

Lady Ella said...

Love all your pics and your precise interpretation of the prompts! Thanks for linking - look forward to seeing the rest :o)

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