Friday, 1 August 2014

Come and have a cup of tea...

Hello.  Hi.  Come on in!

Forget the tea or coffee I have a nice bottle of a Prosecco chilling in the fridge!  Why you ask? We'll tonight I am celebrating a new job and the fact I handed my resignation in today. If you were sharing a glass of fizz with me you'd probably comment that I was in a similar position last year and you would be right but the job I took then was not for me and I am really excited about this new position. I'm also excited that I only have two weeks to work and then two weeks off :). I would tell you how I was looking forward to visiting my parents, especially my Mum who I have not seen since her heart by-pass operation, and spending time chilling at home and taking the kids on days out (while they still want to) 

I would ask you what plans you had for the summer? I would tell you we have already enjoyed a lovely weekend away in a North Wales with 8 families ( and numerous dogs and children!), that Josh is currently ways enjoying scout camp and that Alex heads off to Germany on her first international trip with Guiding to visit a massive scout and guide jamboree next week. 

At this point it would be time for crusty ciabatta and an olive oil and balsamic vinegar dip (to help soak up the prosecco!) 

I would ask you what you have been up to craft wise and be enthralled by your creativity. I would let you know I am pleased that I have two weeks off so I can "catch up" on the 52 card challenge and some more scrapbook pages. But we would laugh together as we realised there was no such thing as "caught up" in the scrapbooking world. 

I would let you know on the quiet how proud I am of my daughter for completing her Duke of Edinburgh Silver and that I secretly hope she'll take me to the Palace as she hopes to complete her Gold next year!

I would ask if you were partaking in Rinda's Photography Scavenger hunt this Summer and how many you had found? I would let you know I'm doing quite well but you'd have to read my blog update later this weekend to see! I would tell you how I am loving it for the third year running and that is making me take different photos than normally. I think I would like to put them all in one album and I would ask you if you knew anywhere in the UK that stocked WeRMermory keepers Instagram albums?

But by this point we would have been a fair way through the bottle and it would be time to part until next month. I'm so glad I was able to share my good news with you and I look forward to hearing yours. If you want to join in for a cup of tea (or any other beverage) then link up with Abi at Creating Paper Dreams

Until next month... Cheers!


Abi said...

Congratulations on your job! That is fantastic news. Glad that you have some time off too. Well done to your daughter as well. I can't wait for photos at the palace!

KraftyKaren said...

Fab news about the job - I will gladly join you with a glass of Prosecco. Well done to Alex - hope you enjoy your time at your parents before starting the new job x

Jo.C said...

Love prose cco so will gladly join you. Well done on the DofE. Mine did the gold a couple of weeks ago so I have bagged the spot at the palace but a weekend in London will be fab :0)

Jo.C said...
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Sandra said...

I'm defiantly visiting you again, if you're offering wine lol. Congrats hunt on the new job ... You'll be awesome xxx

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