Monday 14 September 2015

Me on a Monday

I It was a quiet Friday evening after a very busy week at work (and several traffic jams on he M6) catching up on Bake Off and Cradle to Grave over a bottle of wine.

It was a busy Saturday morning getting college stationery and packing rucksacks ready for Alex and I as we headed off for a Girlguiding Camping Trip. 

It was a hectic kind of Ssturday evening putting up tents for 77 Brownies, Guides, Seniors and Leaders from our village at Warwick Castle before the deadline for dinner closed! We made it - just! This was followed by bowmen displays, a jester and a knight and dragon story before a big knights battle finale. Then back to camp for hot chocolate and teeth brushing. 

It was a very uncomfortable kind of night on a sleeping mat that wouldn't inflate and stuck in a cold tent but I suffered for my girls!  

It was a get up (at 6am) and count heads (I've been counting to 15 all weekend!) to make sure none had escaped from their tent in the night and head off to breakfast kind of morning. 

Then it was head to the field for a beautiful bird of prey display (the bald eagle was incredible!) and into the castle for fun in the Princess Tower, a walk round the walls and some well deserved cups of tea for the leaders. 

Alex was a star all weekend. Although their as a senior section member and not her young leader voluntary role she got stuck in pitching tents and looking after the girls. 

It was a smooth journey home kind of Sunday afternoon with girls returned to their families, not too much lost property and home to a lovely cooked meal. After a bit of catching up with the boys I headed to the sofa and collapsed! 

I'm joking in Sian's meme to share my weekend. You could head over and do the same if you like - we'd love to see you!


Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

It's such a great thing that you do, giving up your time. I bet the girls had a fantastic time. We loved Warwick Castle when we went a few years ago.

Sian said...

I totally agree with Fiona. We are so appreciative of the leaders here who give my girl and the rest so much time and so many memories. You are doing a fantastic job!

Have a great week (not sleeping in a sleeping bag..)

Louise H said...

Sounds a lovely if tiring weekend - well done on being a leader otherwise our daughters would not get to experience these fantastic activities :)

Lou said...

Sounds exhausting...yet very satisfying. I bet all the girls had a ball. Warwick castle is such a lovely setting too x

Susanne said...

It sounds like a wonderful weekend, even if the sleeping arrangements were only suited to the young! (oops, I mean younger.)

alexa said...

You are a star! I hope your generosity of spirit is recognised :). And that your sleeps this week are all extremely comfy.

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