Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Rinda's 2015 Scavenger Hunt - The summer holidays edition (mostly!)

I'm I'm linking up with Rinda to share some of my latest scavenger hunt finds...

Number 16.  A panoramic view - this one was at the top of the Ingleton Waterfall Trail with a beautiful view over North Yorkshire.

Number 4. People playing a board game or card game.  All enjoying the warm weather a few weeks ago with The Best of British game in full swing.

Number 13.  A merry-go-round or a carousel.  This beauty was by Liverpool Docks where we spent a day enjoying all things Beatles.

Number 7.  A turtle.  This little fellow was at Chester Zoo

Number 17.  At least two people wearing the same outfit or uniform.  This was an early morning photo shoot at Chester Zoo to celebrate our Guiness World Record attempt success for the largest sleepover last September.  There were leaders and Brownies all in the same uniform :)

Number 5.  Architectural columns.  These were outside Central Library in Manchester which Alex and I visited for an afternoon in the holidays.

Number 1. A bouquet of flowers.  These gorgeous ones were sent to my Mum and Dad for their wedding aniversary

Number 2.  An ornate door knocker.  Found on one of the doors at Warwick Castle.

I still have 5 pictures to find and I'm not going to make it by tomorrow.  So I'm hoping Rinda doesn't mind if I take the liberty of extending it to over this weekend as I am away for a few nights and know I will be able to find the rest while I have time on my hands to look around...


Sian said...

What a beautiful carousel

Louise H said...

I still haven't had chance to post my final three. Although the one of me still isn't taken either! You have some lovely photos, I think my fave is the bouquet because of the love behind it

Sandra said...

You've got some gorgeous photos here, well done on getting as many as you have

alexa said...

That's a splendid carousel ... but your first picture really steals my heart :).

Maria Ontiveros said...

Jealous of your carousel!

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