Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Memorandum Monday

Well I seem to have neglected my little blog so here is a quick post. For a quick post is better than no post at all!  

Something I did for the first time at the weekend was play Fluxx. An interesting card game...one with constantly changing rules and goal posts... One that the kids loved and the hubby didn't... One that I will definitely play again!

And something new I learnt was that my daughter does not know how to change a lightbulb!  We then realised it's less than 18 months until she heads off to University and so we cobbled a short (but ever growing) list of things to teach her before she heads off. And then we joked about a blog series...or a blog in its own right... About this whole uni journey.  The course selection, the personal statement, the open day research.... We are currently debating if it would be worth writing it. I think it would. What do you think?

I'm joining in to share my memorandum Monday with Sian. Do stop by!


Sian said...

I think recording the journey to university is a great idea. Whenever I mention it on my blog I always get questions about the process, so there definitely is interest out there. Plus you'll have it all there to remember for yourselves too

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