Saturday, 12 November 2011

A move round

I mentioned a while back that we had a move round at half term and brought the shelves and desks down from the 4th bedroom and put them in what was our "play room".  It had been so long since the kids had actually "played" in it that we decided to take it back!!  So here a a few photos of what we have been up to...

After moving everything down (and up!- as all the toys and a book shelf are now up in the 4th bedroom) Tony went to IKEA and picked up an Expedit unit for me.  Here it is in all its glory but with everything just stuffed on it!  I need to go back and get some proper storage drawers for it and also sort through everything that is on the shelves.

These are the Billy book cases from upstairs and hold all the study bits and lots of books:)

This desk has been designated as my scrapping desk (it doesn't look that tidy today lol!) and in the corner is a temporary table holding the printer and my Cricut.

This desk is the "office" desk and has a lovely view out onto my close.  I can now be really nosy and see what's going on ;)  The TV was an old one we used to let the kids watch in the playroom.  It had been languishing in the loft so we thought we'd used it again only to find it's an analogue one so can only play DVDs!!!  Think we will go and get another in the next couple of weeks.

Finally this is the only thing on the wall - it was already up so it's staying put.  A Venture portrait that we had done about 10 years ago.  It's right above my scrapping desk and makes me smile when I look at it.

Right, enough typing - best go and start sorting out that unit!

Thanks for stopping by.

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KraftyKaren said...

Looking good Jules - I am going to have 5x6 or hopefully 6x6 expedit unit in our boxroom in February in an attempt to store my stash better. The dining room will have to remain my crafting room though.

A Crafty Bird in Paradise said...

That looks very good, and vert tidy Julia though I would expect not for long. Here's to lots of happy scrapping xx

Lynne said...

Fab and love the photo

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