Sunday, 6 November 2011

My month in numbers - October

I have just discovered this fab idea thanks to Fiona's blog and thought it a great way to record my month from a different angle (and another great idea for a scrap book page, in fact I think I may use this for my Scrap 2012 which I am getting set up to do )  I know we are a few days into November now but I can recall some numbers from October so here goes...

5 - the number of days holiday I took from work.  This was over the half term week and we spent it moving furniture (see below!), visiting Spooky World, visiting the Lakes and having my parents to stay

2.5 - the number of days it took to move my craft desk and the study downstairs to what was the "play room" in our converted garage. I have just realised I have still not blogged about this so will try and do that this week but in the meantime I still have a Expidit unit to get organised but it is a good move in everyone's book :)

6 - the number of times I have attended the Pink Booby Crop every October to raise money for Breast Cancer Care.  Yet another fab day with Jane & Jane keeping me company and 4 lay outs made!

5 and 18 - the number of adults and children who visited Spooky World for the day.  I wasn't brave enough to stay into the evening.  The Haunted Hay Ride was scary enough in the daylight!!  Once again it was good food, good company and good weather.

- The number of nights my parents came to stay.  We visited Bents the local garden centre (and the UK's best!), a craft barn and farmers market and left them to baby-sit on Hallowe'en whilst we went off to see KT Tunstall in concert.  I think that was the first and last time my Mum has been trick or treating!

Alex all "witched up"...

Josh as Edward Cullen (the photo doesn't show but he does have a bit of glitter on his face) However I have still no idea how he got any sweets as this was a very poor effort at dressing up!!

Mum all wrapped up to go Trick or Treating!

812 - the number of pounds raised at the Ladies' Evening organised at our primary school by myself and a very enthusiastic group of  mum's.

7 - the swimming level Josh moved up to at his last assessment,  This means he needs to move time and day (again!) however the only free day is Friday which we can not do as it clashes with dance classes for Alex so no swimming for a while...

Have enjoyed looking back on my month in numbers and looking forward to recording some different things in November. 

Pop on over to Julie's blog if you want to take part.


Julie Kirk said...

Hi Julie, I'm so glad you found My Month in Numbers and decided to join in! [I've often blogged mine a few days into the next month - so that's no problem].

I've added a link to you in my original October post here:

I hope you had fun and look forward to your November statistics too!

Julie :-)

Helen said...

Great idea good luck with 2012scrapping I haven't finished 2010 yet

Angelfish said...

It's a fun idea, isn't it:) I'm finding myself counting things up already this month!
Well done to Josh on moving up a level and I take it your Mum didn't really enjoy the T&T!!
Fiona x

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