Thursday, 6 September 2012

My month in numbers - August

It's been a fun month - a bit of work and a lot of holiday!!!  So without further ado here are my numbers for August...

14 sun filled, heavenly days in Greece doing not a lot!

1 - the number of Gold post boxes we found in Manchester.  This one is dedicated to the Philip Hindes and Jason Kenny from Team GB cycling team.

16 - The number of Wenlocks and Mandevilles we found on our "stroll" round London last Friday.  We did the Blue trail which is 4.4km long.

325 metres - the distance we walked across the Millenium Bridge

6 - the number of books I read on my two week holiday.  A first for me to read so many which just shows how independent the kids have become as they don't interrupt my reading any more!  I found a new author too - Catherine Alliott - light hearted reading but it made me laugh out loud!

2 - the number of lilos we purchased on holiday after the first one burst.  It did see some heavy action though with lilo races in the pool and some "Total Wipeout" style games with all the other kids!!

36 - the number of new colouring pencils purchased for Alex and Josh (amongst other things including 2 new pencil cases, 2 skirts, 10 pairs of socks, 1 coat, 1 maths set and 3 bags.) to go back to school.  

5 - the number of days we spent at my parents last week.  The kids love spending time with their grandparents and I loved my mums home cooking!

If you want to play along with Month in Numbers then head on over to Julie's blog where people share their own  months in various forms :)


Helen said...

great photos Julia, Josh and Alex are looking so grown up. x

KraftyKaren said...

A great month - looks like you have had a fab time x

Angelfish said...

Great numbers and photos :o) You've reminded me that we still haven't been to find our nearest gold post box. Must do that soon. Looks like it was a brilliant August x

Louise said...

great photos and numbers - we've got a gold postbox near us too!

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