Monday, 11 February 2013

10 things on the 10th

We have been waiting for months to decorate our hall and stairs but following a leak we have had to wait for a wall to be plastered and to dry out.  Anyhow - the decorator told us this week it was good to go so now we need to wait for him to be free to come and do the work (there is no way the darling husband is being let loose on the decorating!!).  We have picked paper already so just need to find some flooring and material for a blind.  In the meantime my mind has wandered to decorating the walls and I am favouring a selection of heritage photos to decorate one area.  So below are my 10 top photos at the moment...

My Great Grand Parents - this was a commerative photo following my Grand Parents wedding

My Great Aunt Phyllis (a real character and really missed in our family) as a little girl with my Great Great Grandmother

My Grandmother in her twenties

Some more Great Great Grandparents

My Dad as a young boy (I used this photo on his 80th birthday party invites!)

And my absolute favourite - my Grandma and her brother and two sisters.  My Grandma is top right with a very mournful look on her face!!!

My Grand Parents - this was their official wedding portrait

Finally a couple from my husband's side of the family.  I'm not biased towards having lots of mine and only a few of his but I don't have any more than these two (mental note to speak to the in-laws about scanning some photos!)

This is my father-in-law as a young boy

And this is Tony's Grandma and Great Grandmother

If you want to see more of 10 things on the 10th then pop over to Shimelle's blog for an eclectic mix of lovliness!


Sandra said...

I adore these, you're lucky to have so many :)

Angelfish said...

Oh wow! What an amazing collection of photos you have for both sides of your family. I'm very envious. Loving the new look in your daughter's bedroom too.
Fi xx

Louise said...

photos to be treasured. I have more of dh's side of the family than my own! We're getting ready to start decorating the boys rooms soon x

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