Tuesday, 12 February 2013

My month in numbers - January

It's almost half way through February so I best blog January's numbers before it's too late!

We started off by sitting in seats G23-G26 to watch The Lion King on New Years Day.  An amazing show and a great way to kick off 2013 :)

Next we had Tony's birthday on the 3rd and he turned the ripe old age of 48...

I had no less than 6 snowy walks from the car park to my office and my size 5 snow boots came into there own!  I took a shot of these birch trees on the way one morning.  It's amazing how snow can make the business park look so much prettier!

Alex's birthday was next and she turned 14.  She was born at 19:09 on the 09.01.1999... now that is a lot of 9s which apparently in astrology circles is a good thing...

To celebrate she took 3 friends to a cup cake decorating course and they made 2 cake pops and 4 Jim Henson inspired cup cakes...

I got the Playstation3 fixed for the bargain price of £70 compared to buying a new one which Tony wanted to do.  Just as well as Tony pointed out a week later that Sony are working on the PS4 and as he didn't really get a birthday present I can see where this is going!!!

And one final thing for all you Month in Numbers' bloggers.  You might be interested in this new book which I spotted for sale this month.  Sounds like the perfect read for number addicts like ourselves!!

It's available to purchase here...but other book shops and online retailers are available!

My Month in Numbers is the brain child of the lovely Julie Kirk - if you want to take part just pop over here and join in the fun :)


Julie Kirk said...

Ha ha! Well ... if people are making books about everyday numbers .. maybe someone wants to publish a My Month in Numbers book ... if only!

Snow does make everything romantic and fresh doesn't it? Like a story book [not that anyone writes stories about business parks .. do they?]

I've seen some flakes today but there's been no real snowfall ... yet!

Sounds like a fun start to your year - especially New Year's Day.

Thanks for joining in once again. You're on the board: http://pinterest.com/notesonpaper/my-month-in-numbers/

Happy February!

Julie :-)

Angelfish said...

That is a lot of nines! My daughter shares the year with yours but that's it. Those cupcakes look awesome!
Fi xx

Sandra said...

A great start to the year, and all lovely positive numbers. I giggled at the slight hint about the latest play station :)

KraftyKaren said...

Some fab numbers there Jules, I always love seeing other peoples numbers and what they have been up to.

Karen x

Louise said...

My eldest is the same school year as Alex. I had to smile at Tony's thought process - i have one of those...boys and their toys eh! great numbers x

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