Tuesday, 21 May 2013

UKS Weekly challenge - May week 2

The challenge was a sketch this week, which I always love, plus use 5 different patterned papers and 5 lines of jornalling.

I decided to scrap one of my origrami pics of Josh (soaking wet!) having been stood waiting for the Olympic Torch in a local park for several hours! I'm pleased with how this page has turned out as the photos go together but are very different; one an Instagram shot on my phone the one of the torch taken on my DSLR on sport mode so I was guaranteed of at least one good shot!!

A few posts back I think I blogged I had 13 Sarah's Cards kits left. Well after this layout I'm now down to 11 :).

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Lynne said...

Julia you are doing well with these kits, I am sure I have more than 11!!!
Like the colours you have used and the flags, guess it was the sketch? xx

Sandra said...

you're just working your way through them so well, I'm so impressed.

Really love your take on the sketch x

KraftyKaren said...

Well done on gradually defeating the kit pile - I daren't go and count mine but seeing the space they occupy in the Expedit there is definitely more than 11 there LOL!!

Really lovely layout - love your little string of flags x

KraftyKaren said...

Oh I had to go and count this evening how many kits I have left and oh dear oh dear - I have 23!!!! Now some of these do only have probably one layout left in but I think I need to try a bit harder to shrink the pile!!!!

alexa said...

You really fulfilled the challenge! I love those pretty coordinated papers in the banner ... Gosh, that is a lot of kit to play with!

Alison said...

Fab-u-Lous - especially with your use of pink! What on earth are you going to do once you've used up all your kits? x

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