Wednesday, 16 July 2014

2014 Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt

This was post was going to be a round up if what I've found so far but it's less round up more slow herding as I realise I've only taken a couple in the list. Best pull my finger out!

In the meantime here are my finds...

1. A sign welcoming people to your home town.

This is the signpost for my village. I need to capture the town one when there's less traffic around!

2. A garden gnome

These little chaps were for sale in Sainsburys a few weeks back but I think after England's departure they,ll be sold off cheap now!

10. A photo bomb. These lovely ladies helped me celebrate my birthday the other weekend and I noticed my friend's daughter had joined in the action!

Lastly number 14 A parade. The neighbouring village to ours has a carnival every July with a traditional parade of floats pulled by tractors. This year Alex's best friend had been chosen as Carnival Queen so we headed down to see the floats before the parade headed off. They were all fabulous with so much effort put into decorating them...

Thanks for stopping by. I'm off out with my camera this weekend to track down some more pictures. If you would like to join in then grab your camera and check out Rinda's blog for the full list. 


My not so simple life said...

great photos! Ive only took a few too :)

Abi said...

I like your finds. Particularly the parade! I have only found one but I like to do mine when we go away on holiday and get the whole family involved! I don't know if that is cheating though! Five sets of eyes rather than one!

jsquaredscrapspot said...

I have got about half a dozen, so mine's a bit of a slow start too. Thank-you for the postcard. I had such a shock seeing the address of the Mersey Forest Offices - I'm off to Birchwood myself on Monday - our head office is there too!

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