Monday, 23 March 2015

Me on a Monday

It was an Irish night enjoying, up early for food shopping (with a sneaky Costa coffee) and back out agin for a trip to the a opticians kind of weekend. It was a cute baby outfit buying (a new cousin in the family and the next generation kicked off!) and a prom dress purchasing kind of weekend.

It was a hunting on eBay for the perfect bureau to upcycle, finishing a gift for a friend and taking Alex to another meeting about her India trip kind of weekend. It was also a pick up from scout camp and let's miss Sunday night Ju Jitsu class kind of weekend which meant Alex baked (and baked some more) and we all settled down to watch the Muskateers and Tony and I Poldark with a bottle of red.

That's me up there on a Monday with my new reading glasses - feeling quite the librarian now! Except I'm not one and will be nervous about taking them out and putting them on in public but it's got to be done!

I'm joining in with Sian for her weekly meme for the first time this Monday. Determined to make more effort to blog more!


Abi said...

You had a busy time! I love the colour of that dress.

Sian said...

lol! There's lots to make me smile in this post. I'm going to be picking up my new glasses in time for next Monday and I had been planning a librarian shot too. (Tho as I actually was a librarian, maybe I'll pose as a "take a letter" secretary this time?

And the gorgeous prom dress! Last week my daughter came home and announced that their Formal for next year had been moved from Feb to of course they had all started looking at dresses. This looks so like the one she had her eye on, though it was sold out here. It's lovely!

Have a great week!

My not so simple life said...

Wow busy weekend! beautiful dress and I love those glasses :)

Louise said...

I love seeing all the prom dresses. I'll be prom shopping with my son soon (if he lets me lol) sounds like a busy and eventful weekend x

TaraE said...

Lovin the baking, the dress & the glasses, sexy libraries look suits you!!

alexa said...

You look great in those glasses ... and that's a very elegant dress. An evening in would beats ju jitsu any day, in my book!

kjjc said...

still looking good madam

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