Monday, 10 August 2015

Me on a Monday

It was definitely a chilled out kind of weekend. 

Friday was a movie night and we introduced a Josh to the classic film...Shoreshank redemption

It was a I've got to work Saturday morning but that was swiftly followed (after a few household chores) to a sit in the garden and enjoy the warm weather kind of afternoon. (With the summer we are having here you've got to grab it while you can!) I enjoyed a few chapters of my book. Some blog reading. A cheeky cider and soaking up the sun. 

It was a cloudy kingd of Sunday so Josh and I headed into town to do the ubiquitous school shop. Several shirts, trousers, new shoes, trainers and school bag later we were done. We celebrated with a break in Costa coffee while I berated myself for not having his feet measured sooner as he had gone up a whole shoe size (no wonder he complained his walking boots were a bit tight at scout camp the other week - oops!)

It was back home to a sorting out kind of afternoon. Moving all the stuff out of Alex's room so she can sleep in it this week and back into the spare bedroom. Some has been sorted but some still to do and I daren't do it without the kids involvement or I'll throw out something precious!

More chores done then back to the book (so pleased I'm getting back into my books. I had lost my reading mojo since Christmas) and stopping for a quick snap of Bruce who seemed to have found the smallest and most dirtiest place for his afternoon nap!

Monday found me back at work with a very busy week ahead but also tracking Alex's flight home in between meetings. She landed at 17:21 at Heathrow and is currently winging her way back up north in a minibus. So I'll sign off now as I need to go and pick her up - can't wait to hear all about her trip. 

I'm joining in with Sian and her weekly meme. Do pop over and read about others weekends. It's so good to be nosey!


Louise said...

Their feet grow far to quick don't they...hope Alex had a good time and you are allowed to share some photos x

Sandra said...

I must admit I've lost my book reading mojo too at the moment. Sounds like a busy weekend for sure, glad you got a little of you time in there x

Sian said...

Ooh, bet you can't wait to hear all about the trip!

Shoe measuring: we need to get to that too. This week I hope.

Have a great week..and yes, we'd love to see some pictures if it's allowed

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