Sunday, 29 November 2015

Pocket page scrapping

I'm not a project lifer but I have used pocket pages for a few projects now - December memories for the last two years, some insert pages alongside 12 x 12 pages on trips away and currently I'm working through a load to record a trip to Barcelona a few years back.

I've learnt a few things along the way so thought I'd share them here (forgive me if you already knew!);

  • It's good to collect ephemera along the way like tickets, messages and leaflets.  
  • Do photo printing in batches but work out your sizes before hand so you know which page protector to use.  Print some full pocket size and others smaller to be mounted on paper.
  • Have your diary to hand so you can remember the date and order things happened.
  • Gather all your supplies and stick to them for faster scrapping.  I put all mine in a small basket and a tray.
  • Don't scrap week by week just as it comes.  That way I cam include lots of photos from one event and won't get stressed if I have a quiet week where not much happens!
  • But if not much has happened then remember to include the little details.

So now I've dabbled a little I felt it was time to commit to completing an album and what better year than 2016 when I also have a big birthday to celebrate.  

I felt I needed a kit to help with a whole album, one that gave me some small alphas and embellishments and not just a box of project life cards, so I did some research.  Sadly there was nothing in the UK that I could find so I continued my search overseas.  The result was four US kits which all varied in cost and content...

Hip Kit Club
Gossamer Blue
Citrus Twist
This life noted
Project Life kit
Life pages kit
Pocket Life kit
25 PL cards
Alphabet x 2
Embellies x 3
30 PL cards
Stamp set
Embellies x 6
Digital printable
Card stock x 4
6x6 paper x 18
Stamp set
Embellies x 5
12 PL cards
After 3 months
Any time
After 3 months
English money!

The result?  A subscription to Gossamer Blue's Life pages kit.  I've subscribed to their main kit in the past so knew the quality and service could be trusted and I also liked the selection of products in past kits...

So now it's case of sitting back and waiting for the postie.  Kits ship on the 5th and I've started with December's so hoping I might get time to play over the festive season.

Would love to know if you have any tips for pocket scrapping.  If so please let me know!


Sian said...

An excellent choice if I may say so! Seriously, though, I do hope you love it: every month I look forward to seeing the new designs on the cards. Have fun!

My not so simple life said...

Ohhhh cant wait to see what you make :) Looks like a lovely kit

Louise H said...

Despite postage it is probably cheaper to get an American kit .... which is annoying. Sian's gossamer blue kits look fab so you know you're on a winner.
I am useless at pocket scrapping - I never have the right orientation photos for the right pockets :)
Have a good week x

Susanne said...

Gossamer Blue does have pretty stuff - you'll enjoy that. Always good to hear others' perspective on Project Life. My tip is to stick to 1 or, if you must, 2 configurations of pocket pages - it makes the photo printing easier.

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