Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Memorandum Monday

Firstly, my apologies I'm a little late with this.  I'm battling a tooth infection and the pain that comes with it but hopefully a second round of anti-biotics will take care of it!  

So this weekend was a very chilled one having been rushing around non stop for most of January. We watched films, played games, caught up on a mound of paperwork and cooked two lovely meals from James Martin's cook book.  

So I'm joining in with Sian's meme of Memorandum Monday to share a couple of things.  Firstly what did I learn this weekend? Well, one of our movies of choice was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (we are so high brow in this house, lol!) and my own little teenage ninja educated me during the evening.  I'm sorry to say I am old enough to remember the first Turtle movie back in the 90's but I never knew that each Turtle represents a different side of a teenagers personality.  Now I think about it, it's bloomin' obvious! Anyway, this was the little pearl of wisdom that Josh imparted.  So which one is which?

Leonardo is the the do-gooder, Michelangelo is the free-spirited one who just likes to have fun (and fancies the girls!), Donatello is the geeky one and Raphael is the aggressive one with a heavy dose of sarcasm.  I can safely say that Josh is going through all four of these sides on a regular basis!

Sunday dawned, grey and rainy so we pulled out a game that Josh got for Christmas and I played Risk for the first time...

Now, I am aware that this game can go on for hours, in fact sometimes days, so we played the basic version to get the idea and get through it in one afternoon!  We have always been big game players in this house but I'm not convinced this is one I will rush to play.  But, Josh was happy and I can see him having a few mates round in the holidays to play it - which will keep him off the Playstation and the laptop so that works for me!

Sadly with all the downtime I didn't have any mojo to scrap but I am determined to get some done this week and use some of my new kits that have been arriving.  So if you've stopped by for some scrapbooking inspiration I promise there will be some here soon!

A big wave to all the other Memorandom Mondayers and pop over to Sian's to take a peek at other's blogs and learn something new.


Sian said...

Ouch! There is nothing else quite like the pain of a tooth infection, especially when it wakes you in the night. I hope the antibiotics do the trick.

Yep, I remember the Turtles the first time too. I even remember being old enough to be buying knitting magazines with patterns for turtle jumpers in them!

Wishing you a pain free week (with some scrapping in there too)

Louise H said...

I remember being a bit OLD for the turtles first time around! Hope your tooth is better now.

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