Sunday, 23 March 2014

52 Card Challenge - Weeks 7 - 10 (well 10-7!)

Caught up with some card making yesterday.  Didn't have the choice really as Alex had taken over the other desk to make magnets for her fundraising! So all I could do was squeeze onto the other desk (usually the one I use as a study desk) and ask her to keep passing me tools and bits of stash!

Here are the cards I made.  Firstly Week 10 which was a prompt jar week of wood, plastic and stickers.  The strip across the middle has a woodgrain effect, I added a plastic flower which is sat on a sticker...

Week 9 was a picture prompt;

I went with the flowers, the gold, the doilies and the colours.  Although my felt trim looks more turquoise than mint green against the photo! Added a Mum to this one as it will be for Mother-In-Law next weekend :)

Week 8 was a sketch prompt;

I kept this one simple and made a more masculine card as I never have any of those in my basket when I need them!

Finally Week 7 was a colour prompt;

A lovely selection of colours and at first I thought I would have to stamp or get creative to make the card but then I found a sheet of paper with this blue floral pattern and the green chevron on the back from Crate Paper and added some cream card run through an embossing folder and a piece of bling from my "for goodness sake use me up" pile!!

A new prompt goes live tomorrow but I still have a few days before I am due back at work so hope I can catch up!
And I'll leave you with the magnets Alex made.  She sold £10 worth today and has another chance to make some more funds at church parade next week :)

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Anonymous said...

Really pretty cards Julia! So hard to pick a favourite, but I think it might be the week 9 card. :D

Jess said...

Great cards, well done on catching up. I love the magnets!

alexa said...

You have been very productive despite bring squashed into a smaller space; I like your masculine card in particular. I think it's the clever colour combination - bright but strong. And I admire those magnets - Alex could start an Etsy shop with those :).

Louise said...

you were on a roll Julia...great cards love the one for MIL. Alex did well too.. she'll have no trouble selling them all x

KraftyKaren said...

Fab cards - I love them all - hope Alex does well selling her magnets x

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