Thursday, 27 March 2014

Join me for a mug of something...or a glass...

Hi.  Hello.  How are you?  I feel so bad I have not seen you for so long and have not been on your blog either but things have been a bit manic round here.  But I have caught up (ish), Spring is sprung and so I am glad we can sit down, share a drink together and catch up.

If we were getting together in real life I would take you to the local farm shop where I have discovered they have added a tea room.  We could have a peruse of the yummy bottle and jars on the shelves and then sit down for a brew, a piece of cake (Bakewell tart for me please) or even a bottle of organic beer!  It gets me talking about how I have found baking again and made my own shortbread last week and have plans for a cake with Amaretti biscuits and raspberries.

I would ask you what plans you have for the coming light evening and the Easter holidays?  Are you going anywhere or visiting anyone?  We have a couple of nights booked in Cardiff as the Whovian in the family was promised a trip to the Dr Who Experience for her birthday treat.  We will then head on to my parents' for a couple of nights for home cooking and relative visiting. What's your plan for Easter you ask?  To be back home and hopefully out tidying the garden if the weather will allow.  I've only managed to plant some tubs so far.  And maybe a ramble as Alex needs to get into training for her Duke of Edinburgh expedition coming up.  I also whisper that I have joined a gym and hope to get some more exercise built into my week.  More?  I mean any!

We would no doubt move onto a discussion of crafting activities and I would share with you what a fabulous weekend I had this month in a Herefordshire barn where I scrapped, and ate, drank tea, supped wine, munched cake and laughed until I cried.  A weekend that was good for the soul. I made 7 layouts in total and have shared them all on here - thank you for your comments if you have left some.  I really love to read them.  I would tell you of my plans to decorate a journal/diary but they are only plans as the book is taking a long time to arrive!  Hopefully I will have something to show you next time.

I ask after your family and let you know that mine are all fine. Tony and I celebrated our "20 years since we got together anniversary" yesterday and as always he is my rock.  Alex is revising hard for her mock GCSEs and Josh continues to be obsessed by screens and gaming.  But he did manage a whole weekend away from them this month at Scout camp.

Tunisia - 1997

Before I know it there are just crumbs remaining on our plates and no more tea in the pot.  It's time to head off and get back to running errands, cooking tea for the family and preparing for work tomorrow.  At least it's only one day until the weekend!

I am linking up with Abi from Creating Paper Dream for her monthly meme. Please leave a comment below and let me know what you would share over a cup of tea and head on over to Abi's to share your own post.


Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

We had so much fun didn't we :o) Congratulations on 20 years together. Love that picture of you both.
PS Your link goes to a picture of a Bakewell slice.

Sandra said...

I need to put an apology on my blog for being absent from blogging for so long.

So glad you had a great weekend and productive too :)

Congrats too on 20 years, that's something to be proud off

Louise said...

what a lovely cuppa and catch up x great photo too x

Jo.C said...

Lovely post and happy anniversary. It's our 20th this year too. Cute photo. Who knows I may even manage a blog post myself this weekend.

Abi said...

Congratulations on your anniversary. That is such a lovely photo of the two of you. I would choose bake well too especially if it looked like that!

My simple life said...

Love the way you've wrote this post. :) Those pots look gorgeous!

alexa said...

Many congratulations, belated but sincere - you both look so happy in this photo :). And I am admiring your beautiful planting and feeling as if I am way behind ... Your weekend sounds such fun and in a lovely location - laughter is such a great release, isn't it!

kjjc said...

Wonderful. Is that really you or maybe an Alex lookalike?

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