Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Pages to share

A couple of layouts to share with you but I can't remember or locate the sketches I have used! Anyway I was focussed on killing a kit and so I did!  

These photos were a couple of years ago when we said goodbye to the kids playroom and turned it into our study/craft room.  The Hama bead shapes were on the side of a shelving unit and I wanted to document them as they were part of our lives for so long.  I even included some spare sequins on this layout (the kind you get in a plastic bag attached to a top you've bought!) as they reminded me of a strip of Hama beads!

This next one is a series of photos from our trip to  London a few years back.  It's been a while since I've done a double layout but felt these iconic photos all deserved to be together along with a list of our favourite things from the trip,

I feel like I am slowly catching up on scrapping some of the older photos from trips and days out. But will I ever be caught up?  I don't think so!!!


alexa said...

D'you know, we still have a whole jar of Hama? I kept it for the grandchildren :). What super things you made - I don't think we were as inventive as that! Love the clusters top left and bottom right framing those great photos.

KraftyKaren said...

Well done on the kit killing!! Love your double layout - I just don't do enough of them. I smiled when I saw the enamel dots on your Hama layout - did you make them from hama beads LOL - do you remember all my traumas of trying to melt those beads into dots!!!!!

Louise said...

oh yes. lots of hama went on here too. I'd always get so far and then knock my template scattering all the hama's...so fustratiing.

Love your double layout of London - I must do one of these!

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