Thursday, 3 May 2012

My month in numbers - April

Before another month passes me by I best blog April's numbers!  If you want to find out more about this fab way of summarising your month and read about other people's numbers then head on over to Julie's blog.

It was half term at the beginning of April so I had a delicious 9 days off work! We played games, watched lots of TV, the kids went on the PS and we generally chilled out.  In amongst all that we had a great day taking 10 kids to the indoor skate park for 2 hours (which went without a hitch).  The minute we got to the park for some outdoor play one lad slipped off his scooter and broke his  leg in 2 places! It was an interesting end to the day!

I made 136 metres bunting with pennants designed by all the girls in our units ready for the Jubilee Tea Party.

Last Saturday we held the aforementioned tea party which was attended by 128 Guides, Brownies and Rainbows.  They played games, made tiaras and princess hats, decorated fairy cakes and generally had fun!

I was so pleased for my Dad (a lifelong supporter and still going to the home games at 82) that Reading found their way back to the premier league after 4 years.

Alex had 6 hours of rehearsal last weekend too, for 2 Sunday shows dancing to "Cornflake Girl" and "You make my pants want to get up and dance!"

Josh was chuffed to pass his Grade 1 trumpet exam which means we no longer need to listen to him practicing the same tune over and over.  Instead he has moved on to the theme tune from "Postman Pat"!!


Kim said...

what great numbers!!

Julie Kirk said...

Hi Julia. Thanks for the link and fgor joining in again.

There's a good chance I'm going tp have the Postman Pat theme fixed in my head all day now! And skate parks are the safest way to spend a day! Who knew?

I've pinned you on the board now:

Have a great May.

Julie :-)

Angelfish said...

That tiara is gorgeous. A great variety of numbers on your list this month. Like Julie, I'm going to have the PP theme tune in my head all day too. Thanks for that!
Fi xx

Louise said...

great numbers Julia - that's an awful lot of bunting you made too.

Jo.C said...

Great numbers - have a brilliant weekend x

Lisa said...

DD looks beautiful in that outfit and the cakes on the stand look scrummy! Shame about the broken leg tho!! and as for Postman Pat... sometimes I wonder how I ever got thru the days at Greendale!!lol ooh you missed out that it was 300 days til MB again ;-)

KraftyKaren said...

Fab numbers - thankfully Lisa didn't notice that I hadn't done a countdown to MB in my post either LOL!! Trouble is I am too busy counting down to that other fab occasion that takes place the week after ROFL!!!

The tiaras look lovely - how did you make them?

Karen x

gwyneth said...

My you have been busy Julia, all that bunting sewing, looks fab and those cakes look really yummy.
Didn't realize you had a young dancer too :)

gwyneth said...
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